After working for School District 916 for over 10 years, Tony and Jeannie Jordan were given the opportunity by ACR Homes Inc. to live with six of Jeannie’s former students in an ICFMR.  For 9 years they worked with the provider and family members to help grow, challenge, and further develop the lives of each individual living with them.  In 1990 the Jordan's began the Enrich family, starting their own company, and bringing four of their original six residents with them.  It didn’t take long after the establishment of Enrich’s first home for the Jordan's to be approached by families of former students to open a second.

     From the inception of Enrich, the goal has always been to provide the best quality care. Keeping the company small by design was a way to ensure they were meeting the needs of the residents and family members being served. Each home was opened in response to parents approaching the Jordan's directly and asking if they could provide services for their children. The sixth and final home was opened in July of 2001. In each case of opening a new home, the County has been responsive in working through a contract.

     The decision to expand has been difficult; the act of increasing size puts at risk the quality of service sustainable within the present systems and homes.  Enrich has firmly decided to no longer open any additional homes, but there has been expansion in other directions.  In January 2001, Enrich began providing Day Time Programming for three residents who chose to not attend their Day Programs.  As of April 2008, this program, now a licensed Adult Day Care (ADC) called the “Funhouse,” has grown to serve ten students of Enrich homes. In December of 2007, Enrich began providing Weekend Respite Services to Adults that live with their parents.  This service can care for three residents per weekend, held at the same site as the weekday Adult Day Care.  We provide work support for six Enrich residents who wanted an alternate option to their day program.

     Enrich is an acronym for Enjoy Nurture Relate In Community and Home.  Its philosophy involves the creation of family like structures, in comfortable homes, with a commitment to valuing everyone’s involvement and abilities.  For over 27 years, Enrich has provided the highest quality of services and care; we pride ourselves in the family structure of our homes, our staff, and the relationship with our residents.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­