At Enrich we train each of our staff to follow the FISH! Philosophy practices. These 4 practices are not simply used as a training technique and then forgotten about. Enrich has put different tools in place to ensure staff have the FISH! mentality each time they step into one of our homes.

BE THERE : Enrich homes are equipped with a personal paper shredder; these shredders are there so staff can write down whatever it may be that is keeping them from fully being there for our residents. The shredding symbolically helps the staff remember that once they walk in the door all focus is on the residents of Enrich.

CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE : Every day staff come to work, they are asked to circle the attitude that best describes their outlook for the day. Some of the options include, excited, thrilled, and stupendous, or for fun, they can get creative and write down their own positive attitude!

MAKE THEIR DAY : Our system is known as a “One Minute Praise”. Staff & residents are praising each other in making a difference in one another’s day. This can be as simple as a resident helping staff clean up after dinner, coming into work with an art project, or going the extra mile and making someone smile; the possibilities are endless. “One Minute Praise” are placed in a FISH BOWL at each Enrich site and then sent out via email!

PLAY : Fun doesn’t happen, it is created! Staff have the opportunity each day to come into one of our homes and create an atmosphere of play. We are serving special people who rely on our energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to go the extra mile every day!

The Enrich inc Training Center is designed to get our staff into the FISH! Philosophy mindset.
We don't just talk about it we live it!