1.  First Allegiance is to the people served.
Supports provided: The individual’s  interests, culture, and needs direct our interaction
Advocacy: To assist in having them be heard. To direct the course of their own lives
Make Their Day: Be the person that is missed

2.  Respectful interaction
Respect: Strive to give respect in all interactions with people and things
Values & Biases: Be conscious of your own biases and values that influence your behavior
Be There: Be in the moment with the people around you,  leave life’s distractions out of mind
Ask for Help: Excuse yourself if unable to be respectful, and seek out the correct solution

3.  Confidentiality
Gather information: Directly from the persons served and If need be gather information from qualified person (guardian, Case manager, other staff)
Protect: All persons identifying information
Permission: Release no information to others without

4.  Accountability
Hold yourself and others accountable
Critic your own performance
Model best practice for others
Interrupt any witnessed unethical behavior
Report any suspected unethical behavior