All of our homes are designed to facilitate the family structure, which includes the residents, and a live in Program Director (PD) .  The Program Directors have separate living quarters within the home, where they have access to their own kitchen, common areas, and bedrooms.  Our staff assist the residents with goals, community activities, and life skills, to ensure they are continually working towards independence.

Paying Fantastic Attention To Detail


At Enrich we expect our staff to provide the highest standard of quality in all aspects of the home.  The basis of this principle is that each person is part of the Enrich team, the role they play is a valuable and important part of it.  Each member of the team follows the same motto: "Eventually, then why not now?".   "Eventually that shelf needs to be dusted," or "Eventually the dishes need to be cleaned". Then why not now!  We work as a team, paying fantastic attention to detail, never leaving a task that can be completed for another person to do.   It is the culture within Enrich that each member plays a critical role, by doing this we are making an impact on the lives of the people we serve.