I have worked for many years in the community...in addition to my career in Real Estate, I have also worked for the “Enrich Family” for the past eight years. While I love helping people achieve their dreams as they buy and sell homes, my work with the Enrich Family gives me the greatest personal satisfaction. Working with these wonderful residents, I feel grounded by the many amazing things I see happening each and every day. When one resident offers to do something for another or when someone is ill, a simple card to hope they are feeling better soon. The sense of accomplishment for walking that extra half mile on the treadmill or the success of a perfectly made egg strata and hash browns are just a few of ways they touch the lives around them. Everyone that works with the Enrich Family is committed and dedicated to promoting the physical, mental and social well-being of our residents. The Enrich Family focuses on activities that are designed to increase social opportunities; such as, a Girl’s and Men’s Club, concerts in the park, music class, cooking class, exercise at the community center and many exciting events planned throughout the year. Its sounds cliche` to say that we feel like we are a part of a big family, however, with the dedication and hard work of everyone on the team, it feels as though the residents are embraced by a beautiful family atmosphere of love, dignity, and respect
— Janet Sandretzky
Our son Sean has been a resident of the Deer Hills Home for over 10 years. Not one week has gone by that we are not grateful for what Sean has and is given by being apart of the Enrich “family”. It was tough process for us as parents to let go, you see we felt we were the best for Sean. After all it was always a marriage of three. It is humbling even after all this time to admit that the best person for Sean is Sean himself. Had he stayed with us he would have continued to be very dependent upon us for activities, friendships and opportunities. Today, Sean is not dependent upon us, instead the people who live with Sean are “his friends” and the activities/opportunities created by staff are based on “his interests”. The culture and environment the Jordan’s have defined in all of the Enrich homes is the foundation that gives someone with like Sean (who has autism) a safe, protective, place to live. So who is Sean today, he is a well rounded person, active, able to make decisions and continues to make progress in what he can and will do in a place he calls his home.
— Tom and Sherrie Kenny
Our son’s life as an adult began at Enrich and would not have been possible without it. He has grown and thrived in so many ways in his 22 years with Enrich. Jeanne and Tony and their excellent staff understand him as an individual and respect his interests and preferences. He is so proud to have friends, for the first time in his life. Enrich homes are truly family homes.
— Michael and Carol Berde
We’ve had the joy and privilege of raising Jamie as a foster child from the time he was 9 months old, until he moved into an Enrich Home at the age of 44. As we became older, Jamie visited Enrich Respite Care on weekends and then was able to join the Enrich staff on their annual two week Disney vacation. Jamie is a very active young man and as we aged, we just could not keep up with his energy. Jamie recently moved into an Enrich Home and he loves it. They keep him busy with lots of activities that he enjoys and Jamie has been able to continue his employment at the Freedom Value Center in Mahtomedi, while learning new responsibilities at his new home. We view Enrich as a God-send for both Jamie and us.
— Bob and Rosemary Arnold
Enrich has truly enriched Jonathan’s routine. We refer to it as the Vacation House to distinguish how special it is and just for him. He looks forward to his stay there and anticipates all week, “What we do?” We toured the lovely home but let Jonathan decide if he wanted to commit to staying there. He thought about this for several months before working up the courage to give it a try. He was treated so respectfully and enjoyed the variety of activities so much, he wanted to continue going each month. Even on weeks he isn’t signed up to stay there, he will ask around 4:00 on a Friday if others are there already, so it continues on his mind. The attendants have always been welcoming and it is nice for him to spend some time with peers. And, there is this awesome TV!!
— Connie Smeby
Our now 32 yr. old Jamon started respite weekends with Enrich over five years ago. Tony and Jeannie along with their staff provide astounding service. Way above and beyond the “call of duty”. Their facilities sparkle. The activities offered in and out of the homes are what any sociable adult would enjoy. Activities are both fun (dances) and useful (grocery shop, cook). Jamon loves his time with them. My experience with group homes, respite and short term care extended to my professional work in mental health. The comparison with many other services is a backdrop to my experience with Enrich’s superior service. Enrich Inc goes way beyond the expected. Jeanne organizes an annual two week trip to Florida’s Disney World. Jamon is ecstatic when he get to go! He is also accompanied with his personal care manager - his sister Sarah. That trip is a “trip of a lifetime” every time. They participate in as much of the experience that they can fit. The staff are always safety conscious and fun oriented. What a combo! Thanks - all of you.
— Dan and Janis Reuter
My Sister Lori has been a resident at Enrich for over 25 years and before that Jeanne had been one of her teachers. My parents entrusted my sister to the care Jeanne and Tony and the Enrich staff and they have become a part of our family. After my parents passed away I knew that the best place for Lori would be to have her continue living in one of the group homes that Enrich provides. They tend to all of her needs and make sure that she gets the best care and love to help her grow and become the best that she can for her level of disabilities. They are constantly providing her with activities and family events. We have a relationship based on trust in that they will provide the best possible care. I trust them and my parent trusted them to keep her safe and to provide great care and a wonderful home for her. I have seen her grow and blossom at Enrich in ways as a family we weren’t sure were possible. I would never even consider having her live anywhere but at Enrich. I know they love her like I do.
— Cynthia Fletcher-Dustin
My son, an adult developmentally disabled by autism, has lived in an Enrich inc. home since the company was formed in 1990. Tony and Jeannie Jordans’ vision and ongoing pursuit of excellence, plus performance of staff members who personify the Jordans high standards, have enriched Roberts life immeasurably
— Mary Price
Enrich has made such a huge difference in Jackie’s life, she goes there for the Fun House, has in-home visits and week-end respite.. The staff are so well trained and care for the clients in such a positive manner obviously they enjoy their jobs and add fun into their client’s lives. Jackie looks forward to going there for respite week-ends where she is treated like a VIP. They plan such fun activities. Each client has goals they are working on and Jackie’s is improving her reading skills. She has made big improvements and feels so good about becoming a better reader. Enrich has enriched Jackie’s life so much. They are a provider with excellence, they really go the extra mile for their clients.
— Sharon Unger
The residents at Enrich are very blessed to be living in these homes. The homes they live in are beautiful and the residents are all very happy in the environment they live in. Their care is the number one priority. They have staff who love working with them and spending time with them. Enrich goes above and beyond to not only provide great care for their residents, but to give them wonderful experiences that many people would never have in one lifetime. They get to go Disney World every year, and they do awesome outings like sporting events, plays, bowling, and many other activities that get the residents out in the community. Overall it is an ideal place to live.
— Elisabeth Girard
Being parents of a special needs adult, my wife, Donna, and I have had the opportunity to be involved with Enrich through our daughter, Brooke. Brooke has had respite care through Enrich for close to two years. I would like to take a moment to share a few thoughts regarding Enrich. From the very beginning of our involvement, the experience has been nothing but positive. Establishing the initial contacts as well as completing the necessary paperwork went very smooth. Any calls or questions we had were answered promptly. On our first arrival at the home, we were impressed as to how very neat and clean it was. The staff greeted us in a very friendly manner and welcomed Brooke in a very warm and inviting way which made the transition much easier, as Brooke usually has difficulty with transition. We were give a tour of the home and the itinerary for the weekend was explained. Since our initial encounter, things continue to be positive. The physical layout is extremely organized, the activities are well planned, and, the staff are very positive in their interactions with Brooke. They also keep us well informed. Brooke looks forward to her stays at Enrich. She returns home happy, upbeat, more enthusiastic, and looking forward to her next visit. Now retired, but having worked for Ramsey County for over 7 years as a Probation Officer and 30 years as a Child Protection Worker, I have seen and been involved with all types of facilities, group homes,and foster homes. Very, very, few have impressed me as much as Enrich, and, I feel we are very fortunate to have Brooke involved in the program.
— William Westervelt
For more than 20 years Enrich has provided exceptional care for my great aunt. Their employees care so much about the well being and more importantly the quality of life of their residents. Enrich is far more than a care provider, they are a member of our family and I would recommend them to anyone
— John Marshall
I really take pride in working for a company that has the highest standards for the developmentally disabled population. Enrich not only provides the best care for these folks, they truly care about making them happy and making their dreams come true! They definitely don’t let their disabilities stop them from living a full life and it is really an amazing feeling to be a part of this awesome team!
— Tracy Plautz
My brother Jeff has had the good fortune of living in an Enrich Group Home for the majority of his adult life. When people ask me how Jeff is doing my reply is - “he’s the happiest man in the world.” This is because he lives in a group home that understands special needs adults - a positive, caring, home filled with staff who support and work with them on their goals/objectives and encourage them in their daily endeavors. The daily activities and outings provided by the staff at Enrich, inc, topped off by the yearly vacation to Disney World makes for my brother’s ‘enriched’, happy life.
— Bill Kruschel
It’s like a home away from home. When I was looking for a group home, nothing would work. It was a miracle that there was an opening. The staff are angels! Problems are worked out with different ideas. I love it! Thank You Enrich!
— Julie O'Brien
I had the privilege to be employed by Enrich Inc. for almost 8 years, where I spent my time as an in-home director with four wonderful men. My husband and I raised our family in an environment that was safe, nurturing and filled with an abundance of love. Jeannie and Tony designed Enrich to be family focused and that is exactly what was created. The residents became an extension of our own family unit. We enjoyed dinners together, movie nights, walks in the neighborhood, even traveling to places as amazing as Disney World, but on top of all those things, “my boys” experienced the many other unexpected surprises and joys that life brings. They felt what it is like to bring a new baby home from the hospital; watching a kindergartner get on the bus for her first day of school; holding in one’s arms a child who has fallen asleep after a bedtime story. Each memory created because of the opportunity to break the preconceived barriers of a typical group home setting. Enrich Inc. is a stand out company and one that values the well being of the people they serve above all else. I don’t think I could have had a better experience in any other capacity.
— Deborah Meyer
Our son Reed has Down Syndrome and has lived with Enrich for 15 years. We have been extremely happy with the staff and family atmosphere Enrich provides. He is able to do all the activities he enjoys and learn some new ones too. Reed has enjoyed going to Disney World for many years due to the diligence of Jeannie Jordan and her staff. She works tirelessly to make each trip go very smoothly without any glitches. The guys stay in quality accommodations right in the Disney park and enjoy many days of fun in the park and other sights around. Another of Reeds’ favorite activities is Bowling. The Enrich houses all go bowling on Wednesday afternoons for an hour or so. It gives the guys a chance to get to know all the clients from all the houses. Along those lines, Enrich has parties and other activities that all the homes participate in. We would recommend Enrich’s homes to anyone looking for a quality place for their son or daughter to live.
— Scott and Diane Bronson
My wife and I have enjoyed working for Enrich since the year 2000. One of the best things about working for Enrich is the family atmosphere between not only us and the people we serve but with Tony and Jeannie. They treat every resident as well as their staff as part of their family and it make such a difference in all our lives. Not only do we benefit from Enrich but our children do as well and are always included in the fun activities Enrich does from Halloween parties to Disney World. Enrich is not only our job but our life and heart.
— Todd and Sara Van Laningham
Our son has lived at Enrich for almost 30 years since it’s beginning. It has been a wonderful experience for us all and we wouldn’t change a thing. His life is full of fun, healthy, fulfilling relationships with peers and staff; emotional and educational opportunities; enriching travel and camping trips, all offered as choices whenever possible. The outstanding staff is carefully selected and has a truly attentive, helpful, professional attitude at all times.
— Al and Pat Kaszynski
Since 1992 our sister Joan has been a member of the Enrich family. We are forever grateful to Tony and Jeannie Jordan and their amazing staff for creating such a tremendously wonderful home for Joan. The loving, supportive and inclusive environment which exists at Enrich has fostered our sister’s growth and independence in ways we could not have imagined.
— Mark Nelson and Cindy Hartnett
Joan & Family.jpg
Twenty two years of a 58 year olds life time is a testimony of management excellence in every respect. Enrich staff-programs and total concern for each clients talents and need have far exceeded my families expectations for son Jeff. We are forever grateful.
— Bill Kruschel SR
Our son Tim has been a resident in an Enrich home for nearly 25 years, and he continues to flourish in this environment. He has been provided with thorough loving care, concern for him as an individual, and a host of activities in the home and in the wider world. These include bowling, dance parties, going out to eat with other clients and annual trips to Disney World. Enrich has truly become Tim’s home.
— Ed and Kathy Ogrin
Working for Enrich has been the best part of my professional life. “Small by design,” as the Jordan’s say, the residents are afforded the attention and opportunities they so deserve. Having worked for bigger, profit-driven companies, I love being in a place where the care of our individuals and their happiness come first and foremost. We’re all a big family and who doesn’t’ benefit from an atmosphere of unconditional love and support? I feel privileged to work and play each day with the people I care most about
— Lindsey Kraft
Enrich has been like a god given gift for my son Jack and our family. I always know Jack is getting the best of care at Enrich. Over the years Deer Hills Group Home has become an extended family for me. I have got to know the staff and the three men that live with him really well. I always feel comfortable and welcome when I come to visit Jack at Deer Hills. Tony and Jeannie Jordan have much experience and expertise in operating Enrich inc. From dealing with the county, social workers, and paperwork they have made things very clear and easy to understand. Jack works a job a Byerlys and is involved with lots of after work and weekend activities. He is a very very busy and very happy guy!
— Scott Prescott
Working for Enrich has been an amazing experience. I am so thankful to be a part of a company and community who truly cares for the lives of the residents they serve. When I leave the end of my shift, I am reminded of all the little things I do on a day-to-day basis that make a difference in someone’s life. The resident’s give me so much joy and I feel like they are part of my family.
— Christine Henne