Enrich inc. provides supported living services for Developmentally Disabled Adults. The homes are known for their sense of family and the value recognized in all members. The professional staff and residents of Enrich are all integrated in a "family" environment, which provides stability, nurturing, predictability, and love, thereby fostering maximum growth and development. The staff works with the residents, their families, day programs, and the case managers to assess the resident's needs and interests, develop goals, and programs in areas such as communication, community integration, developing friendships, domestic skills, and leisure. 

Target Population: Enrich homes are licensed to support up to Four Developmentally Disabled Adults.  Future referrals by county social workers should consider the homogeneity of the residents in regards to functioning level, ambulation, and lack of behavioral issues.

Services: Enrich provide services based in the belief that people need stability, nurturing, self-expression, loving relationships, and the opportunity to develop and enjoy life. Built upon this belief is a "family" structure which provides...
1) A safe, nurturing environment twenty four hours per day
2) Supervision of health and medical concerns
3) Monitoring of mastered skills
4) Training in skills to increase independence
5) Age appropriate interactions, activities, and materials
6) Opportunities to express preferences and make decisions
7) Techniques to develop communication skills.
8) Outside services that the staff has to coordinate with are the day program, work sites, health services, community education and commercial resources.

Staff: All Enrich homes primary staff is the live in Program Director.   Each PD takes pride and responsibility to ensure there homes and programs are run at the highest level of quality and care.. A Resource Counselor (10-40 hours per week) works directly with the residents on their habilitation goals. Oversight of each program as a whole is done by the Designated Coordinator who will monitor, support, and assist the Program Directors, Resource Counselors and Residents.

Facilities:  The homes are located in residential areas on quieter streets, they are single-family homes with a minimum of 2800 sq. ft., which provide areas for privacy as well as ares to implement programs and various leisure activities. The homes have semi-private yards, which allow for outside activity with little intrusion from, or impact on, the neighbors if desired.

Placement Procedure:  Given an opening, placements would be made with county case managers.

Funding Source: Program costs will be covered by Title XIX Waivered Service Funds and Room and Board costs will be covered through individual income, SSI, RSDI, GRH, or other sources.